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Dukto is a program that lets you transfer all kinds of files and text to several devices, regardless of their operating systems. In short, you can transfer any file to and from Windows computers, Linux computers, and smartphones using the Android operating system.

To be able to use Dukto it's very important that you have the app installed on the two devices that you want to use in the file exchange. Luckily, the Android version takes up very little space and has an interface that's equally comfortable.

Sending and receiving files on both devices is very simple. You just have to select the device that you want to send the file to, and then choose the files. In a matter of seconds (as long as you have Internet access, of course) the files will be transferred to the other device. The same process applies for sending text.

Dukto is an excellent tool for transferring text and files that lets you share all kinds of documents in a matter of seconds. It's a magnificent alternative for anyone who's looking for an effective solution for sharing files between Windows and Android.
Dukto make file transfers between any device quick and easy

One of the biggest mistakes when developing software is forgetting to keep in mind usability while focusing excessively on aesthetics and secondary functionality features. Dukto is one of many tools designed to ease up sending any file format between devices, whether you're using a smartphone or desktop PC. What makes it special is how incredibly easy and simple this tool really is considering it does something that is a fundamental everyday task that all users come across: how to get a file from A to B.  In short, less is more.
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